Consulting Services

Everyone and everything associated with your company is a representation of your unique brand. From how you advertise to how you answer the phone, every point of contact with consumers is an opportunity to deliver on the promise of your brand.

Yet many companies are challenged to fulfill that promise because their brand identities are no longer relevant or their brand management practices are lacking. Stiglin Consulting works with clients to establish meaningful, actionable brand identities and deliver a consistent brand experience at every point of contact with the marketplace.

Beyond brand, our services extend to the people and processes that comprise your marketing organization. Your best, most talented employees will fail if your structure and processes are lacking. By the same token, the best structure and processes in the world can’t make up for ineffectual employees.

From workflow audits to resource redesigns, management coaching to customized training, Stiglin Consulting partners with you to identify and break through the barriers that inhibit organizational success.