Founder & Principal

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For over 20 years, Marta Stiglin has been providing marketing counsel and organizational leadership to companies across a spectrum of industries. While the challenges these organizations face are unique, their need for astute planning and direction is the same.

Stiglin Consulting partners with clients to advance their brand strategies as well as their management and organizational practices to increase their competitiveness in the marketplace.

Prior to consulting, Marta held a director-level position at Bose Corporation where she led the planning and development of marketing communications for the consumer products divisions—overseeing advertising and merchandising for the direct, retail and wholesale channels. Previously Marta was on the external agency side, advancing to executive management as lead strategist on numerous blue-chip accounts.

Marta is one of the founding members of IHAF (In-House Agency Forum), the leading professional association for internal advertising, marketing and creative services organizations—serving on the IHAF Board of Directors for 10+ years, two years as Board Chair. She is also a frequent instructor of professional development workshops for various trade organizations as well as a guest speaker/session facilitator for a host of industry events.

Check out Marta’s published work, Build It, Buy It or Both—an academic exploration of the sourcing of advertising services, as featured in the International Journal of Marketing Studies. This article provides an update on the current state of in-house agencies. Whereas traditional consideration was framed as a binary choice of build or buy, today’s advertisers are pursuing hybrid policies of build and buy for the customized bundle of services needed to support their markets.